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Car Accidents

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Rear End Accident
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Motorcycle Accident
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Motorcycle Accident
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Car Accident
Rear End Collision
Car Accident
Rear End Collision
Car Collision
Rear End Car Accident
Rear End Accident
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Car Accidents

At JudeLaw LLC, we represent individuals throughout Colorado who have suffered serious personal injuries because of the negligence of others.  If you need legal advice regarding involvement in a car, truck or motorcycle accident we can help.

JudeLaw commits to a limited number of select cases where we assure each client that their matter is very important. You will receive focused personal service and aggressive dedication to managing your case. This personal attention is a major reason for our success, and the victories for our clients. Often victims of wrongdoing and the negligence of others feel helpless. Frequently, the wrongdoers are large insurance corporations who manipulate unknowing victims, or intentionally intimidate them from pursuing their legal rights. JudeLaw sets out to correct this imbalance.

JudeLaw provides uncompromising personal service and aggressive representation so that our clients receive full compensation for their injuries.  No matter how large or small your claim JudeLaw understands that each person deserves the best personal service and highest quality representation.

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  • Car Accident Information
  • Determining Liability
  • How JudeLaw can HELP YOU!
  • What you should do when you are involved in a car accident

    • Keep your car insurance information in the glove compartment, including a pre-printed form allowing you to provide the particulars of any accident, including a sketch of the scene. (Even better, use that disposable camera you keep in the car. You don't? You should.)
    • Stay at the scene of the accident until police have come and gone, making sure you have the name of the officer(s) and that they have your version of what happened. Do not assume a police report will "take you off the hook" or even that one will be generated in the event of a minor accident ("minor" may mean no one is injured even though your car suffers a direct hit).
    • Exchange names, addresses, driver's license and insurance information with the driver of the other car.
    • Review your policy to make sure of your coverage. Make a list of questions and related information you want to know.

    Car Accident Information

    Car accidents are caused by a number of factors, including:

    • Reckless driving/negligence
    • Inexperienced drivers
    • Poor weather conditions
    • Unsafe roadways
    • A defect in the car
    • Inadequate car repairs
    • Drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol

    When you've been injured in a car accident, your whole life can change. Similarly, if someone you love is killed in a car crash, the emotional and financial distress can be overwhelming.

    Under Colorado law, the person who causes a car accident is financially responsible for all of the provable damages related to the accident. Typical damages following a car accident may include damages to property (such as car damage), and bodily injury (damage to the vehicle occupants themselves). For legal purposes, a bodily injury claim is generally sub-divided into two categories:

    • Economic Damages: past and future medical expenses, wage loss, and additional expenses related to physical impairment and disfigurement.
    • Non-Economic Damages: pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, inconvenience, physical impairment, and other similar losses.

    People often wonder if their accident or their injuries are big enough to even justify hiring an attorney. Given all the complexities that may be involved in handling injury claims, it is very important to consider having any type of injury claim reviewed by an injury lawyer.

    Determining Liability

    Auto accident attorneys protect the legal rights of the injured, even those who share some of the responsibility for their injuries. Whether you were driving, a passenger of the car, a pedestrian, or on a bicycle or motorcycle, if you were in a car accident, it is in your best interest to consult Jude Law, LLC immediately to discuss your case.

    The liability (or legal responsibility) for a given car accident may lie with one party or with two or more parties. Determining who is responsible for the car accident is one of the fundamental aspects of a case.

    A qualified car accident attorney will investigate the scene where the accident took place and will interview and work with all parties involved, including witnesses to the accident. The attorney will also work closely with car accident and forensic experts in an effort to determine the true cause of the accident.

    After carefully evaluating your case, a skilled attorney will stand up for you against insurance companies and will fight to ensure your legal rights are protected.

    How JudeLaw can HELP YOU!

    From our offices in Denver, we serve clients throughout Colorado. Members of the local communities as well as visitors to Colorado trust our judgment when it comes to legal issues involving injuries within the state of Colorado. We can help both residents and visitors to work within the Colorado state and federal court systems.

    Our philosophy is pragmatic and results-oriented; we have developed a reputation for honesty and effectiveness. We are dedicated to keeping the best interest of the client as our paramount concern . Our dedication to quality, litigation and people skills are the foundation of our successful relationships with clients.

    Our clients benefit from the traditional advantages of a small law office: personal service, responsiveness and individualized attention from an experienced personal injury attorney. We have an extremely successful track record and focused experience as personal injury attorneys representing victims of serious personal injuries, from causes such as car accidents, car crash, car wreck or collision. We are Denver's best car accident lawyer!

    At Jude Law, our clients have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that lawyers who care are vigorously protecting their interests.

    If you have been injured in a car crash, car wreck, car accident or collision, we can help. CALL NOW!



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